To: Crecente From: Ashcraft RE: Covering PAX, Now In Stealth Mode Headed over to the in-laws tonight for dinner. Mini-Bash wanted to wear his new summer yukata. Kinda odd, because he doesn't want to change out of it! (Typically kids find wearing yukatas uncomfortable as they're a tad tight around the wist.) From the in-laws place, we could see the huge fireworks display that lit up Osaka tonight. Fireworks are very much a summer thing here, with places like 7-11 selling fireworks. Though, the big display tonight was all kinds of spectacular. Like there were fireworks exploding into the shape of Doraemon's face! o_0 Surprising thing was when we arrived, my father in-law was listening to Tom Waits' Closing Time. And I was like, "You know who Tom Waits is?" To which he replied, "I've probably know who Tom Waits is longer than you!" Very cool that he's into Tom Waits — considering how he speaks zero English. Then again, music is more than *just* words. You see the opening ceremony for the Olympics? What you missed last night Child vs Crane Master Chief in my Fable II Japan only limited edition DS comin Stateside Nintendo Say Hey, Third party Games Do So Sell On The Wii New Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII And Final Fantasy Agito XIII Screens New Dead Rising Screens: Added Waggle, No Added Zombies Get Your Gears of War 2 Lancers!