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Fire Emblem Heroes Is Getting A Hardcore Battle Mode

Illustration for article titled iFire Emblem Heroes /iIs Getting A Hardcore Battle Mode

An upcoming update to horny strategy game Fire Emblem Heroes is making some major changes to the game. New battle modes, arena fixes, and an additional way to collect feathers should help breath some life into the game.


Fire Emblem Heroes announced a major update through in-game notifications today. The “April Update” has a few changes. One of the most prominent is the ‘Hero Merit’ system. As heroes are used in battle, they will earn merits. Get enough merits and you can get some hero feathers. Feathers are used to upgrade characters and it can be a horrible grind to get the amount you need. Merits will provide a new way for people to level up their favorite heroes. Equippable items will add new abilities as well.

The announcement also mentions an upcoming event that will simulate the perma-death from the main series. Although it seems you won’t completely lose your beloved characters, you won’t be able to revive them during the event. It’s a hardcore mode that should provide some welcome challenge. Especially if you’ve already completed all of those Lunatic mode quests.

Look at those feathers. They’re practically falling off those heroes!
Look at those feathers. They’re practically falling off those heroes!

The update also hopes to keep the game exciting by adding two new changes to how battles can proceed. Defense battles will ask players to survive a number of round and enemies can now receive reinforcements as well. A change in matchmaking will help arena teams get matched up a bit more evenly.

Heroes has been adding new, well, heroes but it hasn’t really expanded the core gameplay since release. A little variety should spice up these handsome heroes. Plus, maybe I can finally level up Roy once I get some of those feathers. Oh, wait. Maybe Sakura? I need a good healer..

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I really wanted to like this game more since I love Fire Emblem so much. After looking at the character tiers and spending almost two weeks resetting constantly to finally get a Tikumi, I burnt myself out and haven’t touched it since. They can continue to add all the new content they want, but as long as the character draws remain so expensive and the bar to upgrading characters is still so stupidly high, I can’t see myself picking it up again.