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Fire Emblem Heroes Glitch Gives Everyone Demon Voices

Illustration for article titled iFire Emblem Heroes /iGlitch Gives Everyone Demon Voices

For many, Fire Emblem Heroes is little more than a fun strategy game filled with fab fashion and horny heroes. For an unlucky few, a terrible glitch has transformed the game into a terrifying nightmare.


An audio glitch in Fire Emblem Heroes is warping the experience into something devilish. Chipper music turns to hellish droning and garbling character voices into demonic growls. A few players have captured the glitch in action:


The colorful cast devolve into growling creatures of pure terror that almost certainly want to steal your soul and your credit card information. They will use you to summon an army of more demonic anime warriors who will flood the planet with their horniness.

Or maybe it’s just a silly glitch. We’ve reached out to Nintendo to see if there’s a fix coming anytime soon. Time will tell if affected players will be able to dispel these glitchy monsters.

Former Senior Writer and Critic at Kotaku.

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This is what happens when you forcibly call upon people from other dimensions just to get your 5 Star Camilla.