Finger Butts Are Hidden Surprises

Earlier this week, someone made a cheeky discovery on the Bloodborne game disc. But it turns out, this crack isn’t a first. There are even more asinine jokes. Let’s get to the bottom of this!


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On Monday, Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton posted this “hidden secret” on TMI. Thank you, Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton!

A Japanese Twitter user recently noticed that the disc for Fate stay night: Unlimited Blade Works made a similar visual bum, I mean, pun. Sorry.


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This comes as yet another Japanese Twitter user noticed something odd with the Old School DVD earlier this month. Can you put your finger on it?


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This disc also popped up in a Reddit thread a while back—as did this:


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Of course, not to be outdone by this:


[Photo: deanog]

Or this.


[Photo: Oh_hey]

Which, I’m sure, are totally on purpose (I’m it’s Seinfeld for crying out loud!). Wouldn’t be surprised if these others were as well.


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