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Find Your Way Around DayZ With This Real, Paper Map

Illustration for article titled Find Your Way Around emDayZ/em With This Real, Paper Map

One of the things that makes zombie survival sim DayZ so difficult is that players start the game without a map. Even later on, getting hold of one can be tough. Without a map, you can't see where you are, and if you don't know where you are, you have trouble finding other survivors.


Sure, you can get around this by just downloading a map, but that's hardly as authentic an experience as buying a large, $15, real-world map to have sitting next to you, is it?


These were first printed up last year, but given DayZ's popularity - and its lack of map - ArmA II developers Bohemia Interactive have decided to start selling the things.

Other recommendations for a more authentic experience: drink a can of pepsi every hour, shoot the first person who knocks on your front door and don't go climbing ladders with your pistol drawn. Even in the real world.

Chernarus Map Collection + 8 Bonus Postcards [BI, via PC Gamer]

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Ok, not trying to start anything here, I swear. This is an honest question.

Basically, I'm really not understanding the appeal of this game. I watched a nice English chap playing it via Youtube, but it seemed to me to be somewhat like the Stalker series with more zombies and a less impressive gfx engine. The fellow in the video ran around a LOT trying to find bullets/guns/food, but didn't find much of any of them. So the game flow was running from empty house to empty house, and occasionally running from zombies or a 'bandit' (which I gather is the mp aspect of this game).

Can anyone explain to me why this is well liked? What is the appeal? The fellow in the video seemed very impressed by the prospect of 'perma-death' but that isn't exactly a ground-breaking feature. Is it just the survival aspect? The mp?

I mean, I enjoy zombie type games like L4D1 and 2, or Dead Island, and I even enjoyed Stalker, but this game seems a bit sparse to me...