A two-day-only sale, currently into its second hour, offers a super card pack in NHL 13's Ultimate Team mode, comprising 32 cards in all, 18 of which are guaranteed rare items. I don't think you get any actual ethereal players, as shown in that trailer above, nor any enormous Zdeno Chara. He's already large enough.

Madden NFL's ultimate team also is running a complicated special for Halloween that promises a super-duper Marshawn Lynch who makes his Tecmo Super Bowl counterpart look like a little boy. Roughly speaking, the Madden Ultimate Team packs will be salted with 10 different cards of the NFL's "most feared" players. Completing a special feat with them unlocks a powered-up version of the guy, and collecting all 10 delivers you Mr. Beast Mode.


More details at the links below.

Hockey Ultimate Team – Halloween Pack [EA Sports]

Madden Ultimate Team - Halloween Most Feared [EA Sports]

YouTube video uploaded by EA Sports

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