​Find Out How Much Time You Waste on League of Legends

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You've asked yourself the question: just how much am I playing this damn game? Is it months? Years? Decades, even? If you're been burning daylight playing League of Legends, you can finally get an answer.


Lots of people play LoL, with 7.5 million jumping on daily during peak play hours. That's a lot of man-hours being poured into the hit MOBA game. WastedOnLOL lets players enter a summoner name and to find out how much of their lives has been given over to jungling. Right now, top player Claramorganes is on top of the charts with 353 days of playtime. That's almost a full year. Crazy amount of dedication right there.

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Dinosaur Rex

Zero hours and proud of it, TF2 on the other hand, damn game, it sucked almost 100 days or about 2300 hours of my life, also Smash Brothers/Melee/Brawl if I combine all of them I think I can make a full year of kicking ass, and in third place comes WoW I'm not sure but at least 40 days.

All those hours...those well spent hours.