Find Out How Many Creators of this Game Are Female Or Hate Peas

The credits in the new Nintendo game Game & Wario are as weird as the rest of the game, but they're also possibly the best credits ever. They serve a serious, modern purpose. And they make some good jokes.


The serious purpose: they break the team down by job focus (directors, programmers, producers, etc.) and by demographics. Most of the demographics are silly, but some actually provide a fascinating snapshot of who on a big Japanese Nintendo game development team has kids, who is left-handed (okay, that doesn't really matter) and, simply, who is male and who is female.

Male developers on this game (including the entire sound department, orange; senior producers, white):

Female developers on this game (two at the director level, purple; a good number of them in graphic design, pink bordered by maroon):


The not-so-serious purpose of these credits: tell us who on the development team has a sweet tooth, is a cat person or hates peas.



The credits are interactive, as you can see in this video. The big grid shows all the developers. The Wii U gamepad lets you tap different groupings to see the various clusters of game creators.

In cast it's not clear, those aren't the game developers' faces you're seeing in all these grid shots. Each box actually shows a sketch of the developer's nose. That's why they call the credits the Schnozzipedia. Amazing.


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