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Crazy Fairies: One World is the newest game by American McGee's Spicy Horse studio. Inspired by fairy tales from across the world, Crazy Fairies is a multiplayer social game that can be simultaneously played across web browsers as well as iOS, and Android devices in real time.


The game itself plays like Worms or Scorched Earth, with players using a variety of weapons (and an understanding of launch trajectories and gravity) to kill the other players on a 2D plane. Spicy Horse's twist on the formula is the inclusion of occasional 3D levels that wrap around a central point (think Super Stardust HD). While interesting, these levels make it infinitely harder to judge the necessary aim and power of your attacks.

Crazy Fairies is free-to-play, but like most free-to-play titles, it has a micro-transaction system set up. Any of the game's weapons, items, or skills can be purchased in addition to a large amount of cosmetic items.


In its current iteration (I played the closed beta), the biggest problem with Crazy Fairies is how unbalanced the weapons are. While all the weapons are the same price, Thor's Hammer (which causes chain lightning) and Artemis' Bow (which fires multiple arrows at once) are by far the most deadly weapons in the game. All other weapons are practically useless by comparison.

Another problem is that the co-op levels of the game—where you take a team of humans against computer-controlled enemies—can only be attempted once per day. If you fail, your only options are to wait 24 hours or pay real world money to reset the cooldown. This is more than a little annoying to a person like me who enjoys co-op far more than versus play.

However, despite the problems, I had a good enough time with Crazy Fairies. The ability to play it on both portable devices and computers is a great selling point and as the game is still in beta, there is plenty of time before the final release to balance the gameplay and make the needed tweaks to the micro-transaction system.

To see how Crazy Fairies looks in action, check out the video above.

Crazy Fairies will be released on PC, iOS, and Android systems later this year. The closed beta will begin sometime in the next week (and you can sign up for it at www.crazyfairies.com).

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