Finally, The LEGO Batman Launch Trailer

Good afternoon everyone. Today is September 23rd and ya'll know what that means! LEGO Batman has finally hit store shelves and you can head on down there to pick one up this very minute. However, if you aren't feeling obligated to do so, we do have a new launch trailer for you to feast your eyes on. Remember, the game is coming out for Xbox 360, PC, Wii, PS2, PSP, PS3 and Nintendo DS. So basically if you own just about anything, you're in the clear.

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Mr. Wilson, Reluctant Pumpkin King Incarnate

Hmm, surprised they used Danny Elfman's music for the ad. I almost want to buy it, but Lego Indy sort of disappointed me for some reason, and I'm really unhappy I see that ice cream truck, but no Tumbler! I know they're trying to do it more like the comics, but it's oddly a bit of a turn off. I guess I'm just that obsessed over the car!