Finally, The Glorious 27-Minute Stop-Motion LEGO Halo Film You've Been Waiting For

Illustration for article titled Finally, The Glorious 27-Minute Stop-Motion LEGO emHalo/em Film Youve Been Waiting For

We've been eagerly anticipating this unofficial mash-up of LEGO and Halo for more than two years.


Initially promised for an early 2010, the Battle of the Brick, a 27-minute LEGO Halo movie, finally premiered today on Gametrailers.


We've been following Alex Kobbs, and his impressive LEGO Halo works, for nearly half a decade. So grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy this short. In the stop-action flick we see the Spartans going to war on the shores of Zanzibar.

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Cake Tank!

That was pretty awesome. There were some pretty corny moments in there, and the ending was kind of meh, but as a whole, it was pretty damn spectacular.