Finally, Some Proper European Hardware Sales Data

In both the US and Japan, we're able to compare how well each console and handheld is performing by looking at hard numbers. It's handy, it's useful. But in Europe? The companies responsible for tracking sales - GfK and ChartTrack being the two biggest - keep the data to themselves. They're not for public consumption, and are only ever available for paying customers; namely, platform holders, publishers and marketing types. But! It looks like we've found a temporary loophole. Nintendo obviously pay the various sales trackers money for the data. They then presented the data at a financial results briefing in Japan last week. Then that data found its way onto the internet. And now we can see it. Above, you can see the weekly sales performance of each of the three home consoles across Europe in 2008. The Wii dominates, as expected. And the 360 languishes in last, as expected, although the recent price cuts seem to be having some effect on sales. Nintendo Results Briefing [via Captain Smoker & UK:R]


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