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Finally, A Marathon I Might Actually Finish

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Sarcastic Gamer and Texas Children's Hospital (where yours truly went for many a medical malady in her youth) are teaming up for a second annual gaming marathon to benefit pediatric cancer research and treatment.


Extra Life, as the gig is called, generated $120,000 last year with their 24-hour gaming marathon event. This year, they're kicking it off a little early and asking all participants to score four sponsors at $1 an hour each to break last year's total.

The event starts at 8 AM on October 17 in participants' local time zones. Gamers can play literally any games they want (Windows solitaire, Batman: Arkham Asylum, even an emulation of Oregon Trail, if you've got it) starting from that time until 8 AM the following morning to honor their commitment. Sponsors' donations are naturally tax-deductible. Oh, and you get a free t-shirt if you break the $129 mark.


Check it out here.

Note: This image is a piece of art from the Making a Mark exhibit currently on display at Texas Children's Hospital through a sponsorship from Texas Children's Cancer Center and The Periwinkle Foundation.

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Only 24 hours? Shit. I once spent 33 hours camping a tonberry in Final Fantasy XI just for a Thief's Knife. It seems it's time for me to renew my WoW subscription . . . For the children of course.