With Skate 2 shipping next week, EA released this final batch of screenshots to remind everyone of what they'll be missing if they don't get it, without an ounce of dead animal in sight.

Having tinkered about a little bit with the demo that was released last week on the 360, I'll probably show up at the store next week to donate my money to EA's cause. It's not that I particularly enjoy Skate's particular control mechanic, which I still don't think I've managed to master from the first game. No, it's the fact that I've grown so tired of Tony Hawk titles that anything different is a lovely breath of fresh air, even if said air doesn't always come and go out of the orifice I am trying to steer it towards.

Maybe I'll make a night of it and stop off at the local Longhorn Steak house on the way home. Suddenly craving meat.