Hidden deep in the world of Final Fantasy XV, there’s a dungeon unlike anything else in the game. Let me tell you how to find it—and why it’s so cool. (One tip: You can’t get there until you’ve finished the game.)

Warning: We’re not going to spoil the dungeon’s features and surprises, but we will talk about its location and basic concept.


Once you’ve completed Final Fantasy XV, you’ll find a simple quest to upgrade your car to the Regalia Type-F—aka, an airship. Soaring around the world is fun, but gimmicky. You can only land on roads, and the landing mechanism isn’t as precise as you might want it to be, so it’s actually way more convenient to just keep driving. Except when you want to reach one little secret: A dungeon, hidden in the corner of the map, that’s nothing but puzzles and platforming.

So how do you get there? Near the Rock of Ravatogh, there’s a little yellow line that’s easy to miss. It’s not obvious, but once you get the Regalia Type-F, you can actually land and park on that spot:

It can be a little tricky to land there, so if you’re having trouble, watch this video by lucied13 (one of the first players to finish all of the postgame content):

Once you’ve landed, it’s an easy walk to the dungeon, which you can find right here. (Note: You can only enter at night.)


I don’t want to say much more about what you’ll find there, other than the fact that it’s one of the most frustrating, satisfying experiences I’ve ever had in a video game. There are no monsters or battles—only puzzles and platforming—and the level design is brilliant. It took me around five hours to beat. Five hours of precise jumps, gravity-bending puzzles, and brief breaks because my hands were starting to hurt.


Worth noting: You’re not done until you’ve reached the roof. You’ll get some good items along the way. Another tip: Turn off the HUD for a way better experience. (Your map won’t work, anyway, so there’s no reason to keep it on.)

Once you beat Final Fantasy XV, make the Pitioss Ruins one of your first stops. Unless you hate platforming. Then you should probably stay away.

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