Remember the exciting battles fought in the second coming of Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae? They’ve got nothing on the awesome Niflheim base battle footage show during the final Active Time Report. Check out new combos, warp kills, magical explosions and more.

Check it out.

I’ll walk through some of the cool new features quickly for those of you video impaired. For one, the UI has changed considerable. Weapons are mapped to the directional pad, and developers have been able to implement Noctis’ visual weapon selection effect, which is very cool.

The early moments in the video demonstrate some of the game’s stealth mechanics, though stealth isn’t the object of the mission. Noctis and friends are infiltrating one of many bases located throughout the game in what sounds like a Far Cry-esque capture or destroy meta game.

Here we see Noctis setting up for a series of stealthy warp kills. Three teleportation-aided murders in quick succession.


Once the battle begins in earnest we see all sorts of cool mechanics, like combo skills (there’s always an X-Strike).


We also get a look at a new type of combo. As Noctis’ allies level up they’ll unlock joint abilities via a sort of skill tree system. The player will activate these abilities, the action will shift to the teammate to perform their task, and then back to Noctis to follow up should they choose.

This mission’s goal is destruction, and what better way to blow shit up than with some heavy artillery?


Then it’s time for Noctis versus the enormous Magitek walker. We get a look at aerial combat, with our hero warping from point to point all over the menacing machine.


He severs a propellant line and then falls back to demonstrate the magic system. Elemental magic in Final Fantasy XV has been refined to a few simple spells (fire, blizzard, thunder) with wide-ranging effects. Cast blizzard near water and it will temporarily freeze. Cast a fire spell near grass and it will burn and spread to other flammable objects. Cast it near say, a hose leaking propellant . . .

. . . and boom!

The video ends with a brief glimpse of a confrontation with the “Dragoon” of Niflheim, Aranea Highwind (probably no relation).


Well, what the video really ends with is building anticipation for what’s shaping up to be one of the most action-packed Final Fantasy game’s yet. All this stuff in the clip? We’ll be doing it sometime this year. I’m so ready.

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