Final Fantasy XV Is Leaking Everywhere

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Final Fantasy XV won’t be out for another eight days, but video game stores across the world are selling copies to anyone who asks. In other words, it’s time to watch out for spoilers.

Over the weekend, various gamers reported buying early copies of FFXV from stores breaking street date in Peru, Saudi Arabia, and various parts of Europe. There’s no doubt that list will grow as the week continues. If you’ve been waiting for the 15th Final Fantasy game for a decade or even just since it was re-revealed at E3 2013, it’d be a real bummer to accidentally see parts of the ending in a headline on YouTube. So be careful.

Really, you shouldn’t watch the trailers, either—especially the recent Judgement Demo trailer that Square Enix put out in Japan last week. They’ve been showing way too much of the game.


This morning, FFXV director Hajime Tabata put out a statement about the leaks (h/t Siliconera):

We are nearing the release date of November 29. I’m wishing from the bottom of my heart that everyone will get to enjoy the game with a fresh new feeling. However, we’ve confirmed that some packages of Final Fantasy XV have been released around some parts of the world, with gameplay videos being uploaded to the Internet. This may be inevitable due to regional circumstances, but it’s something we regret very much.

It’s our big goal to have everyone enjoy the story of Final Fantasy XV and discover its surprises through the simultaneous global release. There are likely other spoiler videos and such circulating out there that we had not expected, so for those of you looking forward to Final Fantasy XV, we hope that you’ll be careful.

We are doing everything we can to prevent the circulation of the spoiler videos. For those of you that received the game earlier, please keep those who’ve waited a long time for the game in consideration. In order to meet the best possible release date with everybody, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

We’ll have our review of Final Fantasy XV up on Monday, November 28.

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why is your review coming out a day before release?, don’t you think that in itself will be a spoiler as it will give a negative/positive impression to people before they play the game and experience it for themselves? people have been waiting over a decade, surely it could wait another day before the review came up?