Final Fantasy XV Is 60 Percent Finished

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Well, we've waited this long. I guess we'll be waiting a little longer.

In FFXV demo tonight, director Hajime Tabata was asked how much of the game is currently finished. Tabata replied, "We're now at 60 percent." Last September, Tabata told Kotaku the game was 55 percent done. Honestly, I imagine the team has been busy getting the game's demo out the door.


As we mentioned last fall, keep in mind that this number is since the game was rebooted as Final Fantasy XV. Previously, the game was known as Final Fantasy Versus XII, which was announced in 2006. Then, in 2012, Kotaku reported that the game had allegedly been killed off or folded into the next Final Fantasy.

Then in 2013, Versus reappeared as Final Fantasy XV, and the team had to build the game on a new engine for the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles. So, as Tabata pointed out tonight, Square Enix has already done the heavy lifting, such as getting the engine and game in place.

Tabata added that he didn't think it would take long to get to 80 percent. Then, the last twenty or so percent, should also fall into place in a relatively smooth and timely fashion. Let's hope.


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Just to bring the naive fallacy behind us:

"When nine years equals 60%, the game comes out in 2021. Haha. So funny."

Let's move on. In September 2014, Hajime Tabata said, the game was done 55%. I hope the next eight 5%-marks won't all take five months as well, because that would mean a 2018 release. x.x I had hoped for 2016 at the latest and was hoping for 2015 in secret.