Final Fantasy XIV's New Fat Moogle Mount Costs A Whopping $30

Illustration for article titled iFinal Fantasy XIV/is New Fat Moogle Mount Costs A Whopping $30

I’m over Fat Chocobo, the bloated bird that has enraptured Final Fantasy fans for two decades. In Final Fantasy XIV, the gluttonous avian became a popular mount and meme when it was released as a part of 2014’s A Realm Reborn Collector’s Edition.


Today, the FFXIV team has unleashed what will inevitably take Fat Chocobo’s place in the fleshiest cockerels of our hearts: Fat Moogle. And it’s really expensive.

The two-person “plus-sized patrician” mount will be summonable with the Fat Moogle Bugle item (please say that out loud). Unlike Fat Chocobo, players won’t actually ride on Fat Moogle’s back. They’ll float through the sky in style, lounging on Fat Moogle’s garlanded bench. Two chibi Moogles will accompany players on either side. How does it fly? Who cares!


The mount is available for $30.00, half the cost of the entire game (minus the monthly subscription fee). FFXIV players seem pretty upset about the exorbitant price for this big guy, many claiming that, even for a two-person mount, Fat Moogle isn’t worth a fat wad.

Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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Shawntez Phillips

Having it cost that much is just really really dumb.

Hell 25 was also way too much but Its weird how numbers look visually. 25 bucks looks a lot better than 30 but its really only five bucks less.

Sometimes I wonder how FFXIV is actually making any money with its overpriced cash shop since I feel like a lot of things are too much for what you get.