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Final Fantasy XIV's New Community Crafting Event Is Surprisingly Hype

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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When folks think of Final Fantasy XIV, they probably think of hardcore raiding groups or a stellar story mode. Crafting is important but not quite as heroic. A new activity to rebuild a war-torn city, though, brings tons of experience points and excitement.

The Ishgard Restoration launched yesterday during a new patch, allowing players to help rebuild the damaged hub city from the Heavensward expansion. It’s an intense process demanding hundreds of players craft supplies and participate in group events. Yesterday, I found the questing area packed with players hammering to create ingots or cooking delicious food. The Restoration takes time and effort. Players contribute supplies, which eventually leads to a large group event and a gradual visual overhaul of the city. My server, Balmung, is full of crafters and was the first North American server to unlock the event. It was hectic, to say the least.

This event grants a ton of experience points and is currently so popular that if you’re not in the event zone early, you won’t be able to get into the instance. The Restoration is an experience point goldmine. Unique crafting materials are now scattered throughout the world, used exclusively to create restoration goods. Gatherers are encouraged to stockpile and sell what they can, and crafters can build tons of supplies and turn them in for significant rewards. I leveled my blacksmith from level 60 to 75 yesterday! If that’s not good enough, there’s new emotes, mounts, and outfits to buy with a unique resource earned through crafting as well.

So far the Restoration has been a raucous community event and a rewarding crafting challenge. It’s like the strange Blue Mage job: Everyone is out here and trying to lend a hand. That might slow down in time, but watching Ishgard grow is a fantastic experience....with or without all of the experience points.