Final Fantasy XIV MMO Log One: There Is No Hate Here

I got a lot of flack last weekend when I wrote about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's launch being a disaster. I get the feeling people thought I was dissing the game. That's just not true.

I was dissing the fact that so many people who wanted to play it could not do so, myself included. Perhaps "tragedy" would have been a better word, though I somehow doubt that would have stemmed the tide of angry tweets, emails and comments.

Now that the server issues have calmed somewhat, it's back to the MMO review process as usual, only this time with a video touch. I'll be doing two or three of these leading up to a full review of the game, and by then all of this congestion nonsense will be behind us, and I'll never have to play as a Marauder again.


For those of you who'd rather not watch the video, here's a synopsis: I'm having a good time. Hit me up on Sargaranrtantiris (or whatever) server as Mister Fahey, should you get a chance.

Oh, and I'm sorry for pretending I had no idea what Kotaku was to that one person who messaged me the other day. I was feeling impish.

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Maybe if you made it sound less like you were criticizing the actual game and more like you were talking about how bad the stress on the server was for the overall game experience, you wouldn't have gotten angry messages.