Final Fantasy XIV Jobs, Races Revealed

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Upcoming Final Fantasy XIV is Square Enix's latest stab at the MMO genre since previous title Final Fantasy XI.

FFXIV will have races similar to the races in FFXI, but with different names. It is a new game, you see!

According to these FFXIV scans, the brand spankin' new race names are Hyuran (human in FFXI), Lalafell (Taru in FFXI), Elzen (Elvaan in FFXI), Miqo'te (Mithra in FFIX) and Roegadyn (Galka in FFXI).

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Customization is also possible.

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Job-wise, FFXIV has four jobs revealed so far with two sub-classes for each: Fighter (swordsman, archer), Sorcerer (enchanter, warlock), Crafter (blacksmith, cook) and Gatherer (gardener, fishermen).

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Final Fantasy XIV is slated for release in 2010 on the PS3 and the PC.

[Semi-confirmed] Some races revealed [Eorzeapedia Thanks, Mark!]

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Square Enix better add/do the following...

1.) The FFXI GUI has to go. That is the worst interface for an MMO I have ever seen, It was way to cluttered and complicated to navigate.

2.) The quest system in FFXIV has to be better then FFXI. Everyone hated the vague quest & mission logs in FFXI. You could not complete any quest of mission in the game without having to look it up online or in a strategy guide. The system was soo terrible it would give you quest like this...

"The adventurer hired to bring Cid a hyper altimeter has been arrested and ordered to kill a monster named Orna in Delkfutt's Tower. Find the man and obtain the equipment. "

by some miracle of luck you go to the location and you find this NPC. but is the quest over hell no... now you are stuck and have no idea what to do next. the log does not update, the NPC gives you zero help on what to do next. You have to now look online or have to know someone that knows the next 5 steps to do to complete the quest. Which have nothing what so ever to do with that location or NPC in the quest log.

3.) Male and Female Miqo'te, because in FFXI saying there is a Male version of a Mithra and having it not playable is bullshit.

4.) Add a new playable race !!! Alot of people would like to see a new race added to the Final Fantasy online world like some of the races from the other Final Fantasy games. Even if its in an expansion for later but at least hint heavily at the fact there will be one.

5.) The Elzen better not look like the Elvaan of FFXI because the Elvaan looked hideous. When people think of Elf's from Japanese games or pop-culture they all expect Elves from Record of Lodoss Wars. Not some Linebacker looking thing from the Pittsburgh Steelers with a tiny head.....

6.) Would like to see more options for avatar customization. Might wanna look at Aion for a reference on that.

7.) Armor can't be carbon copies anymore. Too many times gear in FFXI looked like low level gear. The Assault Jerkin is a good example, I don't know how a Rare high level armor that drops from an NM looks like the level 14 Lizard Jerkin armor with a bad color swap....

8.) The claiming of a mob in the game where only the person or group that claimed it can attack it needs to go. I think FFXI is one of the last mmo's to even have this crappy feature.

9.) Needs to have more Guild stuff, like other mmo's. Guild halls & raids, Guild battles, Public raid quest etc. look at Lineage2, Warhammer online, Guild Wars and stuff like that for examples.

10.) The day of the invisible object that you have to find for a quest is over. No one wants run into an area and use the target tab button to find a crappy ??? mark spot that you can only see if you have targeted.

11.) hidden stats on armor and weapons has to go.

12.) that crafting on the right day facing the right direction while the planets are are aligned correctly during the year Odin on a clear starry night during the season of winter, to get a successful craft has to go. And the waiting for all that + the ocean tied to come in with the whales at sea are mating during the hour that some taru is touching his toes for a +1 item ....

That system without a doubt HAS TO GO AWAY!!