Upcoming Final Fantasy XIV is Square Enix's latest stab at the MMO genre since previous title Final Fantasy XI.

FFXIV will have races similar to the races in FFXI, but with different names. It is a new game, you see!

According to these FFXIV scans, the brand spankin' new race names are Hyuran (human in FFXI), Lalafell (Taru in FFXI), Elzen (Elvaan in FFXI), Miqo'te (Mithra in FFIX) and Roegadyn (Galka in FFXI).


Customization is also possible.


Job-wise, FFXIV has four jobs revealed so far with two sub-classes for each: Fighter (swordsman, archer), Sorcerer (enchanter, warlock), Crafter (blacksmith, cook) and Gatherer (gardener, fishermen).


Final Fantasy XIV is slated for release in 2010 on the PS3 and the PC.

[Semi-confirmed] Some races revealed [Eorzeapedia Thanks, Mark!]