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Final Fantasy XIV Concept Art Is Dying To Be Your Desktop

Illustration for article titled Final Fantasy XIV Concept Art Is Dying To Be Your Desktop

Square Enix's next Final Fantasy themed massively multiplayer online game is coming to the PlayStation 3 and PC next year. As good as Final Fantasy XIV Online looks in screen shots, its concept art may outshine it.


The game's first artwork, from artist Kazuya Takahashi, is yours for the downloading. We're only showing you a snippet of the full-sized piece above, which measures a hefty 3000 x 779 resolution. You can download that right here should you be in the market for something new and crystal-filled for your desktop.

If Final Fantasy MMOs aren't your thing, stay tuned. We'll have more artwork from E3 for you later this week.

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Yeah, I seen some Taru-Tarus and Mithra in there. I wonder if they'll let people play as Male Mithra and Female Galka. I know Galka don't have reproductive organs but it looks like there changing some stuff. In the trailer there seems to be a race the looks exactly like Galkas except they have no tail.