Final Fantasy XIV 360 Version Still A Distinct Possibility

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Square Enix are hosting a little press conference this morning to expand upon yesterday's announcement of Final Fantasy XIV, and specifically, to clear up any "confusion" surrounding the game's "exclusivity".


Fat lot of good that's done them, since by issuing a statement they've only made things more confusing.

See, they'd like to clarify yesterday's announcement that the game was "exclusive" to the PS3. It's not. There'll also be a PC version. Following that, however, a carefully-worded statement said "in terms of all other hardware, including Microsoft consoles, we are considering all other options at this time".


Not much of an exclusive then, is it?

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Mister Jack

It's an exclusive, guys! PS3 exclusive!

Sort of! The PC is getting it too, but that's hardly unusual for an MMO, right?


Also the 360 might be getting it.


The 360 is getting it. Don't like it? You can go suck an egg.