Final Fantasy XIII's Xbox-Only NBA Commercial

That Final Fantasy sponsorship of the NBA All-Star weekend came with some strings attached, it seems; namely, that there'd be ads running depicting the game as available on the Xbox 360, with nary a PS3 logo in sight.

Reader Christian points us towards this Microsoft-sponsored clip that ran during ESPN's broadcast, complete with Leona Lewis title song and prominent Xbox 360 brand placement, including mention of the upcoming hardware bundle. This despite the fact the game is also being released on PlayStation 3, and indeed enjoys somewhat of a brand affinity with the platform, the core series having previously been exclusive to Sony consoles since the release of Final Fantasy VII in 1997.


Of course, this is nothing new; you'll remember Microsoft pulled the same stunt around the release of both Grand Theft Auto IV and Modern Warfare 2, paying for exclusive commercials for the games that only advertised their presence on the Xbox 360, despite the fact they were also coming out on PS3.

Being in Australia, our ESPN has different programming, and I didn't catch any of the US-based ads for the game. If you did, did anyone spot any regular Square Enix-backed commercials for the title, maybe even things out a little and show some PS3 love? Or was it all 360, all the time?

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did you expect to see a PS logo on a microsoft commercial?......... maybe im missing the story here.