Final Fantasy XIII Toilet Water is Coming Soon

What? What?! That's what "eau de toilet toilette," means, right? Oh, fine, it's perfume, specifically a fragrant homage to Final Fantasy XIII, and it'll be available a month after the game's release in North America.

The 50 ml bottle of "Lightning," inspired by the character of the same name, will cost 7,140 yen or about $83. It's described as having notes of "yellow peach," citrus, "lily of the valley," and bunch of other herbs and spices that Google translate could not parse out for me. The bottle of smell-nice will be ready in April.


Also, for you French majors out there, I'm aware of the difference between "eau de toilet toilette" and "parfum." The latter is more concentrated. The former you splash on after toileting toiletteing yourself. See, I'm not an uncultured lout.

Spray Yourself With The Scent Of Final Fantasy XIII [Siliconera via Ripten]

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