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Regarding the release date of Final Fantasy XIII, Square Enix honcho Yoichi Wada has an announcement of an announcement to make: "We'll be making an announcement in a few weeks."


A few weeks would put this announcement either close to the Tokyo Game Show or at the Tokyo Game Show. Previously, Square Enix gave the eagerly anticipated role-playing game a vague release window of "Winter 2009". Only the PS3 version of the multi-platform game has been announced for Japan.


We do not expect to hear street date info for the Western version. That, and we're just happy Square Enix didn't make an online countdown clock for this announcement of an announcement. Well, yet at least!

The Square Enix exec also stated that "Development [of FFXIII] has been going favorably."

「FF XIII」開発は「順調」 発売月は「あと数週間で発表」 [IT Media]

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