Final Fantasy XIII Hits North America March 9

Click to viewFinal Fantasy XIII hits the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 9, 2010, introducing both sets of platform owners to the sky city of Cocoon.

The game, which hits in Japan on Dec. 17, will include a new battle system, a "dramatic story" focused on the emotions of the character and will feature a Leona Lewis single as the game's opening theme.


Also, holy crap, are you looking at this video? Because it's spectacular. The video also gives us a better look at the game's Paradigm system.

You may want to watch this video full-screen, just click on that button in the bottom right corner.



Did anyone else find that trailer to be extremely lame? I liked the interviews with the creators, but that douchebag really did not make me excited for the game.

I also felt like the developers were really tooting their own horns a lot. "Most anticipated game ever"..."Unique visuals like you've never seen before"...

I'm really excited for this game, but that was almost as bad as the Guitar Hero on Tour DS trailer. Why couldn't they have have just given us a new CG trailer focusing on the game itself, rather than some blowhard telling me how much I need to buy it.