Final Fantasy XIII Gets Dirt Cheap For A Lucky Few

When role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII went on sale in Japan in December 2009, it was priced at ¥9,240 (US$101). Now, one retailer is offering the game for a discount. A huge one.

This flier shows a new copy of the game priced at ¥500 ($5.48). That's about what lunch at McDonalds costs! This is one store, so it is hard to tell how widespread this deal is. What's more, this is a limited, first come, first served sale, available to only ten customers (one copy, per shopper).


This sale has gotten traction on Japanese bulletin board 2ch — probably because FFXIII is being sold at such a low price! Whenever I see sales like this, I don't ever feel bad for the game itself, but rather, for the retailer who is taking a huge hit on unloading its stock.

The customer, of course, wins.

新品『FF13』が遂に500円で売られる【94%OFF】 [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]

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