Final Fantasy X & X-2 Out for PS3 on March 18

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Squeenix has revealed the Western release dates for of their upcoming HD remasters for FFX and FFX-2.


Both North America and Europe will be getting the games in March next year, on the 18th and on the 21st, respectively. In Japan, the compilation is still set to release in late December. We also have two new trailers; a one-point-five-minute cutscene showcase, above, and an extended version with some gameplay, below.

The announcements specifically mention the PlayStation 3 version of the HD re-release, adding that information about the Vita version will be made available later.


Correction: An original version of this story was titled "Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Delayed, Now Set To Arrive in Spring." We've changed the headline for accuracy. We apologize for the error.

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Coming to PS3 March 18th, 2014 [PSBlog]

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They REALLY need to start doing something new. Outside of FF, they're doing FF remakes, and more FF side stories. And no, buying up companies and releasing their titles DOES NOT COUNT.

Remember when they worked on Bushido Blade, Einhander, Vagrant Story, Dew Prism, Driving Emotion, Rad Racer, and stuff OTHER than Final Fantasy?

Even Capcom realized they can't just thrive on Street Fighter. Why can't Square? They merged with Enix, and it seems they're taking them down with the ship.

And before anyone says "they make money off Final Fantasy", only took a single failed movie project to borderline tank the company, AND THEY HAVE NOT LEARNED TO INNOVATE. It's the same shit over and over and over