Want to experience Final Fantasy VIII without struggling against enemies or waiting on super-long cutscenes and dialog sessions? An update for the PC version of Square Enix's 15-year-old RPG makes it so, so easy.

When Final Fantasy VIII showed up on Steam late last year, it came complete with a "Magic Booster" cheat, which granted players mass quantities of magic spells to play with. This week's update greatly expands the Booster.

Now the Magic Booster not only gives players 100 of each spell in the game, it also gives them the maximum in-game currency available. The Battle Assistance booster ensures players always have a full ATB gauge, full hit points and always-on Limit Breaks. The 9,999 cheat makes most attacks, Limit Breaks and summons hit for the max 9,999 damage, while AP Max gives players max ability points for leveling up their Guardian Forces.

As if all that wasn't enough, High Speed Mode speeds up many game events by up to five times, making it the perfect tool for speed runs.

Final Fantasy VIII is currently on sale at Steam for $7.19. If you've been itching to play, now's the time, cheater.


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