If you think you know just about everything there is to know about the seminal role-playing gameĀ Final Fantasy VI, watch this beautiful speedrun and prepare to be proven wrong.

I didnā€™t have much time to watch last weekā€™s Summer Games Done Quick, but I did carve out a chunk of yesterday for the finale, which featured speedrunner Puwexil playing through a full glitchless run ofĀ Final Fantasy VI. Iā€™m glad I did. This seven-hour speedrun took Puwexil through the entire game, collecting every character and esper along the way.

Whatā€™s especially impressive about the run is how precise it is. Puwexil has planned out pretty much every step perfectly, and he knows the game so well that he doesnā€™t just remember map layouts and item locations, but which tiles donā€™t have random encounters and which enemies can be manipulated into attacking just when he wants them to attack.

Itā€™s a great run and I recommend watching it all, even if it takes you a few weeks to plug away at it: