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Square Enix, the Tokyo-based game company behind Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, is launching a pink web promotion for its massively multiplayer online game Fantasy Earth: Zero, complete with suggestive YouTube clips of ladies eating corn flakes and exercising in a low-cut dress.


This is part of a stunt campaign for new players, sure, but some Japanese netizens seem more turned off by the entire campaign than turned on. And with Square Enix's recent inclusion of a shower scene in the lastest Parasite Eve game, The 3rd Birthday, some are left wondering about Final Earth: Zero, which recently reached over 9 million players.


No need to panic, though! There's nothing wrong with taking showers, doing push-ups or eating cornflakes. I eat cornflakes every morning, and you don't see gamers in Japan getting all wound up. Then again, nobody films me while eating cornflakes. Phew, lucky me!

Female Eizou Zukan | ファンタジーアース ゼロ [Fezero]

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