Survival horror game The 3rd Birthday is heavy on fan service (tentacle anyone?). For example, there's an unlockable shower scene. And if you watch that, Square Enix just might know it.


The Tokyo-based game is using the game's data logs and Square Enix Members connectivity to track how many times players have viewed the shower scene. According to an official release from Square Enix, it's been viewed over 80,000 times. In Japan, Square Enix Members apparently has a system in there where you upload saves to the Members page to unlock new items and goods. Through this system, Square Enix is able to gather data. Adding those who've found the scene online and those who haven't sent their data over to Square Enix, the actual number is probably much higher. Much higher.

Heroine Aya Brea, who's pushing forty, can be dressed up in embarrassing outfits or ripped clothes.

For those interested in unlocking the shower scene, this is apparently a walk-through. Just remember, Square Enix is watching you, and you're watching Aya Brea.

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