Final Fantasy, Now Available In...Latin

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You know, I was playing Final Fantasy the other day, and thought to myself, wouldn't it be great if I could play this not in English, but in Latin? What. I'm a sucker for the classics.

Hacker Abw, who you may remember from his work doing the exact same thing for Zelda, has also released a patch that lets you play Final Fantasy in Latin. Just in case you're up for a spot of time travel, and would like to show Caesar. Or work at the Vatican.


He hasn't translated the entire game, but most of the important bits have been replaced with the Roman's native tongue, which is now all but dead outside of universities, club logos and banknotes.

I wonder if Caesar really would dig Final Fantasy. I always pegged him as more of a Hearts of Iron type.

Ecce! Final Fantasy In Latin [GSW]

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could have used this in highschool. would have certainly made it easier to study.