Read More: Final Fantasy ‘Pixel Remasters’ Cost A Bunch And Have Tiny, Tiny Text

The Pixel Remaster series goes back to last year when the line of six remakes was announced and then released for PC and mobile platforms. Unlike many Square Enix classic re-releases they were pretty well received, with the main caveats being their price tags and the sometimes-tiny in-game fonts. Prior to release, fans were understandably concerned about the quality of art the remakes would end up with, but in the end they turned out pretty well. Any shortcomings in the Pixel Remasters’ art are preferable to the abysmally downgraded pixels of older re-releases like FFVI’s remake for mobile, a mess I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

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As we’ve already seen this year with the triumphant return of Square Enix’s ‘94 Japanese RPG Live A Live, retro video games brought back into the public consciousness can be more enjoyable to play than today’s cutting-edge releases. Hopefully, this wasn’t just some intern at ESRB making a major oopsie and, come Sunday, we’ll get a real confirmation of the Pixel Remasters hitting Switch and PS4 by way of a new trailer or other such fanfare.