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Final Fantasy IX Is Out on PC

Illustration for article titled iFinal Fantasy IX/i Is Out on PC

Following its recent mobile release, the ninth Final Fantasy, originally released on PlayStation nearly sixteen years ago, has finally popped up on Steam.


Per the developers’ announcement, here’s what you get for buying the game on PC:

Relive this classic Final Fantasy adventure with Zidane and his crew with a bunch of new features including:

・ Steam Achievements
・ 7 game boosters including high speed and no encounter modes.
・ Autosaves
・ High-definition movies and character models.

Whether you want to enjoy FFIX for the classic gameplay or use the in game boosters to experience the heartfelt story again, the choice is yours!


You can grab Final Fantasy IX on Steam here, for $16.79 until April 20, and $20 afterwards.

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Some early impressions and factoids:

  • This is essentially the same version as the iOS/Android version. But no, you don’t have to install any Android software to run it, as was erroneously reported this week.
  • The character models have all been redrawn with more polygons and better textures. The menus, menu icons, Tetra Master card art, and other assets have been redrawn.
  • The background art is the same low-res art as on Playstation, with some minor filtering to eliminate the huge pixels. Yes, it’s ugly. No, they probably couldn’t have done a whole lot better. It is what it is. Redrawing all the backgrounds would have been too costly and time-consuming. I’m sure some industrious modder out there will probably produce versions with better filtering, though. And I’m looking forward to seeing what can be done with texture packs for the world map and battle scenes.
  • The FMVs are higher res than on Playstation. They seem to have been taken from source files before they were compressed for the PSX version. They look great.
  • Battle speed is better; battles load faster and menu responsiveness is much improved. Also (IMPORTANT) there is a new option under Config in the menu called “Skip Battle Camera”. If you enable this, it eliminates the opening camera pan over the battlefield for normal encounters (not boss or scripted ones) which makes battles go even faster.
  • Like the mobile versions there are modifiers you can enable for 3x speed, no random encounters, unlimited gil, max level, invincibility et al.
  • The music is pulled directly from the original; no midi versions were ever made because there was no older PC port to take them from.
  • I think this is by far the best port of any of the PSX Final Fantasy trilogy.