Final Fantasy Illustrator Finally Making Feature Film Debut

There is one man who best represents the look of the entire Final Fantasy franchise and that man is Yoshitaka Amano. Whether it be character design, art or logos, Amano's left his mark on the series. Next up, his own anime.


Amano is helming his debut anime, called Deva Zan. This isn't his first fortray into anime as the artist cut his teeth working on properties like Speed Racer and Gatchaman. He first entered the anime industry at the tender age of 15.


The film is the product of Amano's new production studio, Studio Deva Loka, and Amano came up with the story a decade ago. Set in the late 19th century, the 3D film follows a samurai named Zan who ends up in an alternate universe.

Deva Zan is due out next spring in Japan.

Yoshitaka Amano directing scifi anime Deva Zan [Famitsu via nobuooo via GameSetWatch]

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Hopefully this will do well and convince some people to utilize him more than "Mr. Belts and Buckles."