Fight Night Has a Message for You Spammers

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Fight Night Round 4's next DLC delivers four fighters, rivalry matchups, and "old-school rules," which I assume means a brain-pulping 15 rounds. Its next patch release will tire the hell out of your boxer if you don't fight smart.


Continuous punching, weaving and haymakers all have higher endurance cost, spamming your block ruins your ability to perform a perfect block, and no nutshots can be thrown if one user is in a stun state, both eliminating cheap knockdowns (and cheaper recoveries).

You can see the full list at the end of this video. The patch (free) and the DLC (800 Microsoft points/$9.99) are out in early December.


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To fix this game they need to make standard punches actually do something. It's ridiculous how many straight rights you can land on someone and they just shrug it off. A straight punch from your power side is the hardest punch you can land in real life. Once I realized only counters and haymakers do any real damage I gave up on the game. True counter punchers are exremely rare in boxing yet in this game everyone is one, or HAS to be one. Damage should be predicated on the type of punch (as in how good the particular boxer is with each different type of punch) and how flush it lands and that's it.