​Fight Between Batman and Darth Vader Ends Exactly the Way It Should

It's the kind of thing fans have argued about for ages: Could the Dark Knight take down the Dark Lord of the Sith?


The newest video from the Super Power Beat Down web series—which pits heroes and villains from different fictional universes against each other—has the guy who used to go by Anakin Skywalker facing off against Bruce Wayne in a duel to the death. If you're mad about the ending of this clash, you should know that the outcomes are decided by vote before these fan films are shot.

One question: don't you need to be Force-sensitive to wield a lightsaber? Of course, a man of Batman's means could just buy a transfusion of midichlorians or something, if some convenient plot point doesn't already make him a latent Force wielder.

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General Grievous wielded several lightsabers and wasn't force-sensitive to my knowledge. You just need to be a force user to construct a lightsaber, and there's that whole Jedi edict about "Your lightsaber is your life, never lose it, yadda yadda". Typically you can't get a lightsaber without first going over a Jedi or Sith's dead body to get it.