Late last week, two men from New York got into a heated argument while playing a PS3 game online. Normally, that's where the beef would end, but in this case, it was only the beginning of hostilities.

Eric S. LaChapelle, 24 (left), had been playing an undisclosed PS3 game online against Corey J. Chalich, 18 (right), when things took a turn for the worse. Rather than leave it be, LaChapelle jumped in his car and drove to Chalich's house, where he "assaulted him" sufficiently for the younger man to require hospital treatment.


That prompted Chalich to reach for a knife and "threaten" his assailant, who then took off and ran. He didn't get far, though, as he was arrested "minutes later", and for his troubles Chalich was picked up as well.

Both men now face charges, LaChapelle of third-degree assault and Chalich of second-degree menacing.

Police: Video game dispute leads to knife threat [Post-Star, via Dtoid]

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