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It's hilarious this dude's in North Carolina, because every Baptist wedding reception I ever attended in my home state involved "Electric Slide," which is not included in DJ Hero. Nor, for that matter, is the small dish of butter mints.

Anyway, a Mr. "" is offering his services and his DJ Hero kit to rotate some tracks for your wedding party, using "'ACTIVISION DJ HERO and XBOX360' to mix blends and mash-ups of DANCE - CLASSIC ROCK - HIP HOP" - aka the usual shit you hear in the waiting lounge of a Jiffy Lube down in Fuquay.


The guy then quotes 21 songs off the DJ Hero tracklist. "Host must provide STANDARD TELEVISION SET and SPEAKERS!!" Thass right, bitches!!! No Hi-Def!!! We talkin' STANDARD. Also: "My setup is state of the art," even though you could tune a boom box to 107.5 out of Winston-Salem, Rock 92 from Asheboro or 102 Jamz ("It really, really does!") from Greensboro for the same effect.

His fee? Three hours for just $50 and the beef or chicken. But for $25 more, he'll close down the joint, be it Masonic lodge or Jaycee hut. Luckily, "Don't Cha" is also not on the tracklist, so you don't have to endure a bunch of 55-year-old broads pretending to be MILFs before the cake-cutting.

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