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Fifteen Minutes on Wikipedia is Like a Semester at Yale, if Yale was a WoW Server

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica have been locked in a kind of cage match battle for relevancy ever since legions of high schoolers found the former was an excellent tool for half-assing term papers graduating on time research. One thing, however, that hasn't changed is the length of an article still means something in the Britannica. On Wikipedia, not so much.

Wikipedia is still very much the domain for longwinded parsings of the esoteric, if not completely hallucinated bullshit, a lot of it depending on how motivated that subject's fanboy corps is. Who's gonna show up more, Q-Bert's fans, or President James Buchanan?


Games Radar has put together a list showing the truly distorted priorities of Wikipedia editors and writers, if length is a useful metric. And I think it is. Because according to their analysis, Knuckles from fucking Sonic the Hedgehog gets 7,832 words, and God - yes, that Guy - rates 3,726. There are 14 other hilarious comparisons (Call of Duty vs. World War II; Electronic Gaming Monthly vs Time, etc.) So get out there and start padding entries that really matter: Niko Bellic's (385 words).

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