FIFA Has Raked In $45 Million From DLC — And Counting

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We've heard of hardcore customers of EA Sports' "Ultimate Team" modes - spending more than $1,000 just on virtual sports cards in Madden, FIFA or NHL. We didn't know what it meant to Electronic Arts' bottom line, though.

According to GameSpot, quoting the company's chief financial officer, downloadable content accountes for 20 percent of the company's digital revenue - about $750 million. Of that, FIFA, the longest-tenured Ultimate Team title, has returned $45 million in revenue since from FIFA 09 and FIFA 10. (Numbers for FIFA 11 are not yet available.)


Outside of sports, Battlefield 1943, the download only shooter released mid-2009, has raked in $16 million, that's after Sony and Microsoft took their percentage.

Eric Brown, the EA CFO, didn't have figures on what Madden has contributed, but last month we reported that 35 super users in that franchise have spent $1,000 or more on Madden Ultimate Team cards - which stock or boost a personalized team for online competition - without ever playing the game online. Brown's hard figures, plus Madden's anecdotal ones, mean Ultimate Team is a fixture of EA Sports' team simulations going forward.

EA Expects 20 Percent Of Sales To Be Digital [GameSpot]

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I'm 50-50 on DLC, I used to be against it massively, but now, I don't know. It all depends on how it's done.

There are a lot of people who say they don't like (like I used too), but it comes down to 2 things; What value do I get for the money that I throw down? How much do I like the game? If these two sit right, then chances are, even the most Negative Nelly will pick it up.

Take for example what I did with Disgaea 2 for the PSP. I already owned the game on the PS2, but it's so damn good, deep and also suited to the PSP that I picked it up. This was also the first time that I downloaded some DLC. It was about £2 per character. I picked up 5 I think. So that's a fair amount just for some characters. But look at this...

First off, I love the game. And as I mentioned, it's big (for those that are unfamiliar, there is unlimited dungeons and the possibility to level up to 9999), true SRPG greatness. So, there is already that amount of play in the game, so what do the characters add? Well, they are all main characters to begin with, so there special moves vary. Playing with them is different. So I have 5 new characters, with different moves, to play through different dungeons (the dungeons are random) and level up to 9999 if I wish to. If I have this team of 5 makes up for most of my team, so It's almost like playing a new game. That, is great value.

So as I said. DLC is all about the game and the cost. The game being the higher priority. But I think that DLC just isn't being utilized as best (or how I want it) as it can. I would like to see DLC that focuses on revitalizing older games. Breathing fresh life into then. Favourites that add more and more. Anyone would buy content that added more to a game that they truly love.

You know, if someone said that there was an update coming out for Final Fantasy X that adds some new weapons, limit breaks, enemies, Aeons, areas and characters (basically a content boost), I would snap it up in a heart beat. I'd pay good money too.

But that's a pipe dream at least for the big home consoles.