FIFA 10 Gives Modern Warfare 2 A Run For Its Money

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While Modern Warfare 2 emerged as 2009's biggest-selling game globally, in Europe, it was a close-run thing, Activision's blockbuster shooter only just edging out EA's FIFA 10.

Granted, this information comes from...Electronic Arts, the game's developers, but seeing as they get access to complete, accurate sales figures (something the general public does not when it comes to the European market), in this instance we'll take their word for it.

In an interview with MCV, EA's Jens Uwe Intat - an early front-runner for games industry name of the year - said that not only was FIFA "neck and neck" with Modern Warfare 2 in terms of European sales, but that EA now controls "75% of the football space" on the continent.


If he just means FIFA vs Pro Evo, that's an impressive number. If he means FIFA vs Pro Evo vs Football Manager vs Champ Manager, it's super impressive.

[MCV Issue 569]

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I have to ask, what is it that keeps people coming back and buying virtually the same game every year? And in droves big enough to rival MWII, no less.