FIFA 10 Delayed A Few Weeks [Update]

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EA Sports have announced that the North American release date for FIFA 10 has been kicked back a few weeks, from October 2 all the way back to October 20.


The date pushes it perilously close to the release date for the series' arch-rival, Pro Evo 2010, which will be out in North America on October 23.

There's as yet no word on whether any other versions of the game will be affected. Europeans are no doubt hoping that's a big fat nein/non.


Alongside the delay EA also released the North American cover art, pictured above, which swaps out Wayne Rooney and Theo Walcott in exchange for the much-harder-to-pronounce Cuauhtemoc Blanco and Sacha Kljestan.

FIFA 10 bumped to October 20 [GameSpot]

UPDATE - EA Sports dropped us a line to let us know that FIFA 10 has always been in line for a slightly later release in the US, so this is less of a delay and more of a...confirmation of a staggered release? Either way, the rest of the world's versions will still be out on October 2.

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Good god, is Blanco still playing? He must be 2 or 3 bajillion years old by now.