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You may think that EA's support of the original Xbox — it released both Madden NFL 08 and Madden NFL 09 for the console — showed serious dedication to legacy platforms. How does Genesis support sound? If you thought "bat shit insane" then you might be surprised to learn that versions of FIFA 2008, Need for Speed: Pro Street, The Sims 2, and SimCity are being ported to the 16-bit Sega platform for the release of Tectoy's Mega Drive 3 (a wild looking Genesis clone) in Brazil. Insert Credit dug up details on the "new" EA Genesis titles, which happen to be based on the mobile device releases and are being ported by Tectoy devs. Those games are just four of the 86 titles that will come pre-installed on the budget console, including classics like Shinobi III and Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle. There are even some new titles of hazy origin. Everything old is new again... or vice versa. News: Four "new" EA games on Genesis/Mega Drive [Insert Credit]

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