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English is hard. But, really, if you are a Japanese developer making video games, there is one English word you should know how to spell: "Battle."


As game site Insert Credit points out, there are three super common English words in Japanese gaming: "Start," "Fight" and "Battle." All three are used in Japanese as English loan words — but obviously the writing and pronunciation are different.

Global A, the developer behind RPG Chumon Shiyouze! Oretachi no Sekai for the PSP, mucked up the spelling of "battle"...for the better, we think. Instead of writing "Field/Battle" we get "Field/Buttole." (This is where good localization comes in!)


Battle? Battle is boring. But Buttole? Oh ho ho, now we're cooking with gas.

Chumon Shiyouze! [Official Site via Insert Credit]

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Too bad this isn't for the DS... it'd be interesting to poke the buttole...