Fez, Johann Sebastian Joust Grab Awards at IndieCade 2011

Illustration for article titled emFez/em, emJohann Sebastian Joust/em Grab Awards at IndieCade 2011

Every year, at about this time, the indie-est of game gatherings takes over sunny Culver City, California. Independent game developers gather in the southern California burg to talk design, process and inspiration, while showing off their latest wares.


As is the custom, awards get handed out at this kind of thing, too, and Joystiq's got a report detailing a few of the winners. Fez won the big Best in Show prize and Phil Fish's long-brewing, dimension-warping platformer also got an award for Story/World Design, too. Other notable winners include Capybara Games' hit Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP for Visuals and the yet-to-be-released Johann Sebastian Joust won an Impact on the Community award.

A game called The Swapper nabbed the Special Recognition award, too. I've never heard of it—or Finnish developer Facepalm Games—before but it looks absolutely gorgeous and intriguing. Discovery of games like this is the true power of IndieCade. Oh, IndieCade, how I wish I were in you this year…


Fez, Johann Sebastian Joust win at the IndieCade 2011 awards [Joystiq]

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I think it's totally cool, but can you still call Johann Sebastian Joust a video game? It certainly has the "game" part, but there isn't really a "video" component.