Fewer Zombies? More Outfits!

From images we've seen, Dead Rising for the Wii looks light in the brain-eating zombie department. But that doesn't mean it skimps on other things.

Things like, well, outfits for photographer Frank West to wear. "One surprising thing was feedback from people who liked the ability to change Frank's costume," says Dead Rising Wii producer Minoru Nakai. "So, this time, we've made it so that you can change into more costumes."


Yeah, because changing into costumes is way more important that killing hordes of the walking dead in a zombie game. We're being harsh. Shame on us! Check out the full interview at Gamasutra and read about Nakai building Dead Rising Wii from the ground up and making changes to the game — stuff like speeding up some of the zombies.

Remember, it's not the number of zombies that counts, but the outfits you wear while slaying them.

Interview: Capcom's Nakai On Remaking Dead Rising For Wii [Gamasutra]

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